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Zone Face Lift

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Introducing Zone Face Lift, a brilliant new facial treatment being hailed by many as a credible alternative to Botox.  This treatment is non-invasive based on the principle that reflex points on your face are connected to every area of your body.

The benefits of this treatment include naturally stimulating collagen and elastin from the inside, smooths and lifts the face, neck and jawline, reduces lines and wrinkles, is calming and uplifting with evidence to support it lifting mood and reducing anxiety. It also helps reduce stress as well as helping with migraines, sinus problems, IBS, insomnia, joint pain and depression.

I have been trained at the London School of Reflexology by Ziggie Bergman who devised the Zone Face Lift programme.



What to Expect?

You will be asked to remove your shoes and recline on a couch. A full medical consultation will be taken on your first appointment with a less detailed one on subsequent appointments. The face will then be cleansed and exfoliated using an organic cleanser and hot towels. Then using Ziggie Bergman’s award winning Facial Elixir, an amethyst crystal infused oil, a relaxing routine of stimulating facial reflex points and more vigorous face lifting techniques will take place. Tools such as Gua Sha, gold rollers and quartz spheres may also be used. The experience is one of deep relaxation with the added benefit of a smoother complexion. Ideally a twelve week programme is recommended but you will see the benefits after just one treatment.

Cost £65 for a 75 minute treatment - courses of 12 £650 (paid for in advance).

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